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Fissile Friday.

Long live these memories, sharing in solitude out in this vast mountain grandeur.

Initially planning to head out and take it easy on Musical Bumps, the conditions seemed to good to pass up an early season descent on Fissile. In concurrence we get after it, we set out with only one other soul in site on a surprisingly great December snow base.


Blue skies and an eye on the prize quickly brought us to the end of our skinning for the last push to start the run home.


With a boot pack up and a pause before dropping in, we took in the landscape and shared in the early winter excitement of a seasons worth of days ahead. Despite the bony coverage of the ascent line, the chute was set and ready to go.


Heading back past Black Tusk at sunset and descending to the village by head lamp felt like a dream. Long live these memories, sharing in solitude out in this vast mountain grandeur.