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Neve stop exploring.

Soaking it up and taking it all in. These mountains, these moments are what it’s all about. What I long for and what I live for.

When it lines up, it really lines up! I've been looking to do the Neve Traverse, a Coastal classic and this week it all came together. Setting out on adventures you have certain thoughts of how things will be and often once you get out there, the experience simply blows your mind.

With good stability and a multiple day high pressure front on the forecast, we set out early in the morning to make our first objective of camping bellow "The Tent" to set ourselves up for a summit and descent of Mount Garibaldi (center frame bellow) the following morning.


Sitting in camp, sunset and sunrise offered stunning views of the McBride Range and the objective ahead.

The morning push surrounded by incredible scenery, and nearby seracs among the ancient icefield. We made a brief stop to dig out a gear cache and dump our non-essentials on the push to the top.

Gaining the summit was cause for celebration and reflection on an objective I would have never seen undertaking just a couple of years ago.  Keeping an open mind and pushing my boundaries has lead to great personal achievements and made memories that will pay dividends well into the future.

Soaking it up and taking it all in. These mountains, these moments are what it's all about. What I long for and what I live for.

Transitioning for the last pitch of south facing bliss en route to our evening camp with views of Garibaldi Lakes barren landscape.

Settling in to the rustic Sentinel Bay huts for the last evening, it was easy to feel like an early explorer and ponder all those who had found shelter here before us.


On the long trek home, there was lots to be grateful for and this trip will be remembered for years to come. Looking out over the last few days has fueled curiosity and provided inspiration to take on the McBride Traverse in the winters ahead.

As the Rubble Creek luge track finally gave way to spring in the valley, the final km's of our journey were a slow and tired affair by foot. With grins on our faces and thoughts of the menu at Locavore, we pushed on to the end of our trip.